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Who are we ?

Suave in literal terms means to exude charm, confidence, and elegance. To us its a way of life.

A New York brand with Latina back grounds that all began with the stroke of a brush illustrating a vision. Since then we have grown to become a collaborative brand focusing on versatile streetwear and custom footwear. Each collaboration is a form of art, to illustrate a story not quite like the rest. Ideally, we strive for uniqueness through every brush stroke to provide a one of a kind design for each advocate. When you buy from us you're not only purchasing an item but you've now become a part of our family.

Ultimately serving as a reminder...." When in doubt, Suave it out" - Samantha Polo (CEO and Founder)


1. What sizes do we cater to?

Suave is proud to be a size inclusive brand where we offer sizes from XS-3XL and are always looking to expand.

2. How long is the process time for Custom sneakers?

Anywhere from 2-4 weeks after form completion, agreement for design, and full payment.

3. Can we send our sneakers to get customized ?

Currently at the moment we do not cater to this service but check back soon for updates.

4. When collections sell out will there be a restock?

If your size is unavailable or item is sold out from a collection. Any restock on a product will be sent first from our news letter.

Contact Us

Contact Suave Specialists 24/7

Leave us a detailed message so we know how to better assist you and give you a proper response.


Text: 347-901-9236

Expect a prompt reply within 24 to 48 hours.